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Discover the new service from Bolliger that answers your questions about your next move.

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Introductory Welcome Meeting arises from the increasing demand from the customer, Private and Business, to interface with the moving sector and the issues connected to it, feeling absolutely at ease, reassured and well informed.

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This is the service we offer to those who want to clear their head before arranging their move, chatting via video call with an expert in the sector ready to answer any question and clarify any kind of doubt about the move in sight.

If you are terrified with the idea of letting people you don't know circulate around your house and, above all, if you really don't know where to start, then let's meet and get to know each other even beforehand via video conference with an Introductory Welcome Meeting. You can explain your needs to us, tell us, if you like, which phase of the move most frightens or worries you. There are often solutions, methods and timelines that you would never have believed existed.

It will be a purely informal meeting, in video or even in conference call: this will allow us to offer you advise based and targeted to the specific needs of the customer, completely free and also in English and French. The Customer can feel free to ask questions, scenarios and assorted requests and remove any curiosity, doubt or fear.

After this virtual meeting, the customer can decide whether to go ahead with a physical meeting (also free) at his/her residence or company, during which one of our technicians will carry out an inspection aimed at estimating the volume of goods to be moved, such as furniture and various contents.

We are waiting for you with a simple and private video call!

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