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Experience, organization to the smallest detail and reliability are the secret to our success. Here are some memorable case histories of which we have been protagonists.

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In the year 2019 we can include another really important moving, successfully completed by the Bolliger team.

Just a few days ago, a well-known Italian company in the sector of the State’s shares entrusted us. For them, we have managed the handling of some very important works of art.

First of all, we built special custom-made crates in our carpentry, then we took care of the packing, loading, transport, unloading, unpacking and finally the repositioning of the works of art.

These last are rare and truly valuable pieces, both by Italian artists of the 20th century and contemporary art at an international level. Just like the very famous Beverly Pepper, known for her monumental and architectural works, for some land art and connective-art interventions.

In these days we are dealing with an important work in Rome, for a very prestigious customer who has to do with antique furniture and works of art.

In the pictures there are our staff struggling with the packaging of a very prestigious painting, with the use of custom-made wooden crates in our carpentry.

The small and narrow streets do not stop the Bolliger’s moving!

Few days ago, we completed a moving from Malta to Rome, done by us from the beginning, with the same team at origin and destination.

During the delivery, we juggled a small and narrow street, where we requested parking permits in order to use our staircase.

Result: another moving successfully completed!

Here’s one of our last challenge. One of our historical customer asked us to handle some old and fragile wooden and curved glass cabinets of particular value and manufacture, which had to be picked up from a commercial setting in the heart of Rome to be delivered to the very central and busy Piazza di Spagna.

An apparently insuperable obstacle was an important construction site right in front of the commercial activity, with an undetermined completion date. Other important factors are the volume, the delicacy and the passage spaces of the glass cabinet.

After accurate inspections, after having examined every possible obstacle and problem, having evaluated every risk and determined a reasonable timeframe regarding the occupation of public land, we were able to present a definitive and all-inclusive quotation and work plan. Our customer only had to make the areas involved in the works free and accessible and nothing else.

The works lasted 2 working days and 14 hours. Another great success of the Bolliger team!

Last week, a well-know and internationally renowned Italian Foundation approached us and entrusted us with the transport of a considerable number of precious pieces, divided between paintings and sculptures.

The handling appeared to be particularly demanding, mostly for the volume of the collection and for the procedures to be respected. For this reason, it was important to use a team of professionals with a know-how up to the specific situation.

All the works of art were packed and protected for relocation to a new location and for the new layout. Furthermore, for the first time, we have provided our customer with a digital catalogue, also available from the cloud, in which all the goods handled have been cataloged.

We are very proud and satisfied to have successfully completed another important and demanding moving.

Last November, we dealt with the moving of the Roman headquarters of a large American multinational company operating in the medical sector.

The complexity of the moving was due to the considerable amount of paper present in the headquarters archive. For this reason, with the collaboration of our customer, we have prepared a special plan to store and subsequently digitize millions of files.

One of the greatest difficulties that we have successfully faced was that of creating a remote communication channel, to solve logistical problems with the multinational's staff who worked remotely during the days of the moving.

This occasion represented a further confirmation that, even if the majority of the sectors unfortunately are affected and will be affected by the restrictive prevention measures for Covid-19, there are all the conditions, means, devices and authorizations necessary to evaluate and deal with any type of moving to any destination.

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