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Warehouses supervised and structured to guarantee the conservation of your documentary heritage: discover our archive and document management service.

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For years we have combined the flexibility of our organizational structure and the competence of the professional figures involved in order to offer the most suitable document management system for the needs of each organization.

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Our warehouses are equipped with security systems, supervised and structured in accordance with the law; we ensure the correct storage and management of the Customers' documentary heritage in compliance with the law and in compliance with strict criteria of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

For archives and libraries, more than 20,000 linear meters of shelving are set up in which both live and dead archives can be deposited according to a logic designed to meet the consultation needs of customers.

In addition to the deposit, we offer a series of ancillary services to allow our customers to have the possibility of viewing in real time, both in original and by fax or e-mail, any document managed by the consortium as well as an electronically updated situation of the material present in the archive.

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