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What do i need to know about the insurance?
Is it always included?


A basic company insurance plan on the goods being moved is required by law, and is always active. Basically, this type of protection could be equated with the type of insurance coverage provided by airline companies which, in the event of damage or loss, compensate the passenger based on the weight of the lost/damaged baggage/object/property, leaving out both intrinsic and objective value.

Now it is clear that we always do our best to guarantee a national or international moving service of a high level, with adequate staff, materials, equipment and means, but it is equally true that along the road that divides the departure from the arrival at the destination, household goods often face different steps or stages, so we are not so presumptuous as to advise against or exclude a support insurance plan, especially on those goods of particular value, sometimes even just emotional.

So for company policy we have chosen not to include in our quotes an insurance package with a predetermined value on the entire move. Instead, thanks to an international partnership, we offer our customers the opportunity to integrate and customize their own tailor-made insurance plan.
Before packing and moving operations, the customer may request specific forms in paper or electronic format through which to build their insurance profile, choosing room by room, environment after environment, which goods/objects/items/works/furnishings and the like to ensure specifically, creating a valued list and therefore a total sum which will be the capital to be insured. Also in this delicate sector, Bolliger establishes a consolidated partnership with important insurance groups in the national and international logistics sector. We can always guarantee the best policies on the market at affordable prices and impeccable services.

If i have to dispose of old furniture, lamps and other objects during the move, will you offer a disposal service?


We know the subject well. Before, during and after a move, there is always something that you can finally decide or find the courage to eliminate. We can also take care of this, given that we have all the necessary authorizations to provide transport services for third party goods destined for disposal or even for pulping, if they are also sensitive documents that require certified and documented destruction (especially for offices and professional firms).

Furthermore, thanks to a well-established partnership with suppliers specialized in the environmental sector, we are able to arrange the correct disposal of special items and materials, in accordance with the provisions of the law and environmental protection.

For international moving, how and when will i receive a timing on departure, transit and delivery of my goods to destination?


The customer will find within his/her quote a draft of customized programming based on the criteria provided or during an on-site inspection, video-inspection or after a request for a quote via our website. For example, in the quote, in addition to the description of the service offered, complete with inclusions and exclusions etc., you will find a timing in reference to the start and end date of the packing and collection work from the departure home.

With reference to the mode of transport selected for the international move, you will find information on the actual departure date of your shipment. For an intercontinental route by sea you will also find the Transit Time from port to port. The times for customs clearance of the shipment and the days or weeks necessary for the mechanical deconsolidation of the containers from the ship to the final traction on the road, to continue with direct home delivery or with passage to the warehouse, remain historically excluded from the documentable times.

For international shipments of household goods by air (generally small shipments of personal effects) and for the phase of packaging and collection from the departure area, the same indications listed above apply.
Also in this case the uncountable times are the customs formalities and the actual arrival of the shipment to the warehouse of the local partner who will manage the final delivery to the home address, as well as the handling of the import formalities. In order to have a real-time tracking of your shipment, our Customer can contact the Bolliger Move Managerdedicated to you who will always be available until final delivery at destination. Any changes during the transit and to the hypothetical delivery date will always be promptly communicated to the customer.

How much in advance should i book/lock the dates of my move?


Generally, the “sooner, better” rule is applied.

We add that, despite the fact that we are well structured, the further in advance you can give us confirmation, the more likely it is that we will be able to respect the program and the timing proposed in the quote.

Even if the actual allocation of human and technical resources can only be organized a few days before moving, it is still a good practice to agree/confirm the dates by giving us at least a couple of weeks' notice. Exceptions are obviously those emergency situations that are examined from time to time.

In the event of a request for mandatory collection and delivery dates, it is possible to choose a specific dedicated service that will allow us to satisfy a more precise program, fully respecting every required condition.

I requested another quote with the same services and modes asked for at bolliger and it is significantly less than yours. how is it possible?


Surely there are several excellent companies in our sector that have been operating like us for many years, others have been on the market for less years but already with high standards.

In all this we certainly do not want to say that we are better. What we would rather say is to be very careful about what at first glance may appear to be an "identical quote" for the same move.

Let's make things clearer. Perhaps for an international move you have requested a “Door-to-Door” quote because among other advantages you want to make sure that each piece of furniture is properly reassembled at its destination and make sure that a certain number of boxes and the like are unpacked. In short, you want everything to be managed in total clarity and without having other thoughts or worries, especially when you arrive in the new residence and you will have to start living again.Facciamo un po' di chiarezza.
What we want to remember is that there are many myths to dispel in relation to what they might sell to you as a moving or Door-to-Door service.

An accurate quote must clearly report all the inclusions, especially all those that have been requested clearly and explicitly during the acquisition or inspection. It must also report all the exclusions for clarity, leaving nothing to chance and above all leaving no doubts about services that could make a difference on the final costs.

Here are some examples of important “items” on which it is better to have clarity before signing a contract.

  • Have you been granted and put in writing an accurate and complete packaging with suitable materials (technical materials if necessary) and if required also the construction of specific wooden crates, for example for marble or crystal tops, works of art, large tv screens etc?
  • Does the quote include complete unpacking at destination with the removal of used materials?
  • At unloading, was a service confirmed and included in the costs that includes overcoming difficulties related to maneuvering spaces, roads, parking permits, for example transshipment, shuttle service, concessions, etc.? Was the cost of using an external staircase actually included?
  • Port or airport expenses and taxes at origin and destination: have the items and any sums due for acronyms, activities and costs such as: THC, ATC, Local Fees, Port Storage Demurrage, Deconsolidation been mentioned, included?

Let's stop here, but remember that even a single omission of these services or part of them (often ignored or little known) can determine a considerable difference in the final costs.

Furthermore, in order to operate peacefully in the legality, a company must have certain requirements established by law and full compliance with these certainly entails expenses for the company.
A too low quote almost always hides omissions on included and/or excluded services, poor quality of technical resources (packaging and/or packaging material) or human resources (specialized packers and/or improvised and/or unreliable global partners).

Therefore, make sure you always receive maximum transparency and that the representative you are dealing with is always available and above all reliable, crystal clear, never evasive.

I have furniture and other objects in excess that I can’t eliminate and I don’t have space, do you carry out a storage service for short and long periods?


Bolliger has been providing short, medium and long-term warehousing and storage services for furniture since the beginning of its business in 1909.

The company boasts large warehouse areas equipped and used for the storage of furniture, household goods, art and archives.
All the internal and external areas are guarded, equipped with alarm and private day and night security. We respect all safety regulations such as (to name but a few) insurance for theft and fire, civil liability, fire prevention.

Remember: storage or warehousing costs much less than you think!

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