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Metal or wooden containers, crates or europallets to store your furniture and household goods: discover more about the Bolliger storage and warehouse services.

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With more than 4,000 square meters of modern warehouses in Italy, Bolliger offers its customers the possibility of stocking at all its headquarters.

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Our structures are built to store furniture, household goods, documentation and valuable goods from short transit periods to long stocks.

Depending on the type and the need of the customers, the goods will be stored in metal containers, crates or europallets in shelving units.

All the warehouses are supervised, equipped with alarms connected to the police, smoke detectors and monitored for temperature and humidity.

Thanks to the detailed inventory, compiled at the time of packing, the goods can be sorted and returned in partial batches.

Even after a long storage, your goods will be returned to you in the same state as they were at the time of storage.

All the warehouses are covered by insurance which can be supplemented by extending your "All Risks" policy or with a specific custody risk policy.

Our storage services

  • Storage of household goods in 20’ metal containers
  • Storage of household goods in wooden containers (Liftvan)
  • Storage of documentation on europallets in shelving units
  • Document storage on an open shelf
  • Sorting and selection
  • Partial withdrawals and deliveries

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